Media Production Consultancy

Know your media way. Concept and strategies to get the most efficient and profitable media production working.

Content development

Tailored for you. With a client as a creative partner, we develop original and tailor made content for all the platforms to reach to your target audience.

Digital video

Call to action. Video revolution leaders. Development and production of the digital videos. Videos mainly used for a internet use. Social media videos, web series, how to videos, testomnials, animated infographics and much more.

TV production

Create a desire. Bring the company, products, services or a brand closer to public notice and persuade the public to buy.


Capture the moment. Get the right picture of you. Corporate, industrial, fashion, documentary photography.

Graphic design

Pack it well. At the end it all comes to the feeling consumers will from your company, product, brand or service.

Motion Graphics

Move it, move it. Grab attention with original moving graphics. 2D, 3D, VFX, CGI.


Memories filmed. Have a moving pictures of the result of a hard work, and add a bit more art to it. Factual videos in a new, styilsed way to mach the feeling of your company, product, brand or a service.


The sound of you. State of the art sound design. Whisper powerful sounds and take your production to the ahole new level.

3d modeling

See it. Feel it. We are professionals specialized in photorealistic 3D architectural rendered images and illustrations, providing services to architects and real estate property companies all over the world.

Augmented reality

The future is now. Where digital world meets real life. The best way to “paint the picture” of your products in B2B world. Bring to life your product or a brand and stand out.


Make it real. Expose your brand or a product in a high end solution concepts. Once in a sci-fi movies, now thanks to the advanced technology of 21st century at your service.

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